Worldwide production and sources of natural fibers

Worldwide Uses of Fibers
Fiber Estimated Global Consumption
Metric tons/year
Manmade Fibers
Glass Fiber
• Total use
• In FRP

3.0 MM
2.0 MM
Structural composites, roofing, insulation materials, friction liners

High Performance Reinforcement Fibers
• Carbon fiber

• Aramid

15,000 (PAN and pitch based)
Sports equipment, aerospace and other industrial (rotor blades, high pressure tanks)
Composites, fire and heat resistant clothing and equipment
Synthetic Fibers
• Polyester (filament & staple)
• Nylon
• Polypropylene
29.0  MM
12.0 MM

4.0 MM
Apparel, floor coverings, non-wovens
Regenerated Cellulosic Fibers
• Viscose
• Cellulose acetate
  Apparel, nonwovens for sanitary applications
Cigarette filters
Cellulosic Fibers for Pulp and Paper
Pulp for paper and paperboard
Thereof: Wood pulp
• Chemical pulp
• Mechanical pulp
• Semi-chemical pulp

Thereof: nonwood pulp, including
• Cereal straws
• Bagasse
• Bamboo
• Others (reeds, sisal, kenaf, abaca, flax, hemp, esparto, jute, cotton)

175 MM
156 MM
115 MM
35 MM
6 MM

~19 MM

~8.5 MM
~1 MM

~7 MM
Printing and writing paper, newsprint, paperboard, specialty papers (currency, cigarette, filter, electrolyte)